Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

qvmQ Virtual Machine
qvoQlikView Table Data
qvtQlikView Theme
qvxQlikView Data eXchange File
qwQmailAdmin Data
qw5Intuit Quicken 5 for Windows Data
qwbMicrosoft Money Data
qwkQWK Offline Mail Packet
qwmodIntuit Quicken for Windows Module Data
qwpQuiptics Cryptogram
qwpxQuiptics Cryptogram
qwsQt Workspace Data
qwzQuestion Writer File
qxdmQualcomm eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor Log
qxfIntuit Quicken Transfer Format File
qxfQPS QINSy Chart Data
qxmlQuestion Master Administration Tool Data
qxpQuickCreate Pro Course Customiser Data
qy1Cognos Transformer Temporary Data
qy2Cognos Transformer Temporary Data
qy3Cognos Transformer Temporary Data
qybQuantec Yardstick Bank Archive
qzCreate A Quiz Data File
qzaQIIME 2 Artifacts Data
qzbQuaSZ Zbuffer Data
qzdLS QuizPro Quiz Data
qzeLS QuizPro Quiz Data
qzpQF-Test Zipped Split Run Log
qzsLS QuizPro Quiz Data
r01MicroStation Modification System Resource File
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