Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

py2Cognos Exported Binary Model Data
py3Cognos Exported Binary Model Data
pygIBM Cognos Data
pyhIBM Cognos Data
pyiCognos Model File
pyjCognos Model File
pykpyStk Output Data
pyrSOCSIM Population Pyramid File
pyupyUpSet UpSet Data
pyuiPyUI Data
pz2Poser Pose Data
pzaMGI Photosuite Album
pzoPizazz Plus Overlay Data
pzpPizazz Plus Palette Data
pzrPoser 2.0 Scene
pzsMGI Photosuite Slideshow
pzsPoser Link
pzxPerfect ZX Tape Format Data
pzxPizazz Plus Swap Data
p_bParasolid CAD Binary Partition Data
p_tParasolid CAD ASCII Partition Data
qQ Engine Data
qTinn-R Editor Data
q00Intuit Quicken 2000 Data
q01Intuit Quicken 2001 Data
q06Intuit QuickTax 2006 Tax Return Data
q07Intuit QuickTax 2007 Tax Return Data
q08Intuit QuickTax 2008 Tax Return Data
q09Intuit QuickTax 2009 Tax Return Data
q1pYamaha QY100 Style Data
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