Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

pp2RawTherapee Sidecar File
pp3PlanetPress Suite Form Data
pp3RawTherapee Sidecar File
ppassParaPass Keystore
ppbCorel WordPerfect Print Preview Buttonbar Data
ppdPolar ProTrainer Person Data
ppdProfiCAD Symbol Data
ppfEdgeCAM Pathtrace Part Data
ppfMicrografx Picture Publisher Image
ppfPPF-O-Matic Patch
pphePLINK Phenotype Permutations Data
ppiLifo-Pro Producer Price Index
ppkPuTTY Private Key
ppkSunnysoft InterWrite Keyboard Definition Data
pplPTC Creo Route Sheet Data
pplxOsmose O-Calc Pro Database
pplzPolar ProTrainer Training Plan
ppmInsight II Proton Chemical Shifts Data
ppmdExtractNow PPMD Data
ppmxScorelib Paged Parameter MatriX Data
pppEnfocus PitStop Preflight Profile Data
ppp9Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac Wizard
pprIBM Cognos PowerPlay Report Data
ppronotePowerPro Note Data
pprotNxSeq Long Mate Pair Library Kit Saved Parameters
ppsenxEgis Encrypted Powerpoint PPS Document
ppsmenxEgis Encrypted Powerpoint PPSM Slideshow
ppsxenxEgis Encrypted Powerpoint PPSX Slideshow
pptSony PSP Texture Data
pptenxEgis Encrypted Powerpoint PPT Document
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