Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

pobActuate e.Report Designer Persistent Object
pobPunch CAD Object
pobPunch! Home Design 3D Object
pobZemax Polygon Object Data
pocPocoMail PocoScript
pocoApple Guide POCO Data
podcastJRiver Media Center Podcast
pofAltera Programmer Object File
poiBrainVoyager QX Patches-of-interest Data
poiGeneral POI Database
pokSpectrum Games Database POKE Data
polAscToHTM Policy Data
polInnovMetric Polyworks Modeler 3D Model
polPersonal Paint Polish Language Data
polUnreal Engine Polish Language Data
policyOpera Policy Data
polyRMCProfile Polyhedral Restraints Data
polysRibbons Polygon Definition
pontProtege Classes Data
poolTeX Pool Data
popdBASE Popup Menu Data
popPegasus Mail POP3 Session Log
popshapePopChar Character Shape Data
porCorel Painter Portfolio Data
poreSignal Portfolio Data
porSPSS Statistics Portable
posBrainVoyager QX Slice Positioning Data
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