Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

pngwalkAutoplot PNG Walk Data
pngxEgis Encrypted PNG Data
pniPopnogging Image
pnkPN-editor Petri Net Key Data
pnlPegasus Mail Link Folder Data
pnlTopSolid Nesting Module
pnmPegasus Mail IMAP Folder Cache
pnmlPetri Net Markup Language Data
pnneNorton Encrypt for Mac Data
pnnuNorton Utilities Data
pnpsProgrammer's Notepad State File
pnqICQ iFile Data
pnrfPerception Native Recording Format Data
pnsPeernet Label Designer PNS Data
pnsPegasus Mail Formatted Signature Data
pnsPN-editor Petri Net Simulation Data
pnsPopnogging Subject Data
pnsdNorton Utilities Speed Disk Data
pntPopnogging Theme Data
pntPro/ENGINEER Pen Table Plotting Data
pntSigmaWin+ Point Table Data
pntsCesium Point Cloud Data
pnuPeernet Label Designer Data
pnueNorton Utilities UnErase Data
pnvCRiSP Harvest Percent Non-vulnerable Data
pnvPegasus Mail Stored Searches Data
pnwiNorton Utilities Wipe Info Data
pnzPanorama Database File Set
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