Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

pcrdBio-Rad CFX Manager Software Data
pcsCYANA Pseudocontact Shift Restraint File
pcsMicrosoft Office ClipArt Data
pcscAndroid Exported Contacts Data
pctChemSep Pure Compound Text Data
pctlAdobe Pagemaker Registration Data
pcuPC MightyMax Undo Data
pcxmlAlteryx Designer Composer Data
pdParadox Database
pd1DFSee Partition Data
pd2DFSee Partition Data
pd3DFSee Partition Data
pd4DFSee Partition Data
pd4Windows Live Photo Gallery Information
pd5DFSee Partition Data
pd5Windows Live Photo Gallery Information
pd6Lacerte Tax Data
pd9PADS Layout Library PCB Decal Data
pdasPDAStore Data Store
pdataJSim Pretty Data Format
pdbBrookhaven Protein DataBase
pdbCYANA PDB Coordinate File
pdbDL_POLY PDB Trajectory Data
pdbProtein Data Bank
pdbRibbons Protein Databank
pdbSybase PowerDesigner Physical Data Model Backup
pdbxInsight II X-PLOR Coordinate Data
pdbxSunGard Martini Personal Database
pdcdmSybase PowerDesigner Conceptual Data Model
pdeAFP Page Definition
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