Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

p3pW3C Platform for Privacy Preferences Data
p3tSony PlayStation 3 Theme
p4Perforce P4 Data
p4bPix4D 3D Textured Mesh Data
p4thorThor Exported Packet Records Data
p5mPyMOL P5M Script
p5xMicrosoft Windows System File
p7aPKCS #7 Attached Signature
p7bPKCS #7 Certificate Data in Base 64 Format
p7cPKCS #7 Certificate Data
p7dPKCS #7 Detached Signature
p7eFile Encryptor Encrypted Data
p7fdigiSeal Reader P7F Data
p7mPKCS #7 Encrypted Message
p7mkeyKeePass Certificate-protected Key
p7rPKCS #7 Certificate Request Response File
p7sPKCS #7 Digital Signature
p7xWindows SDK Packed Digital Signature
p7zPKCS #7 Compressed Message
p8PICO-8 Data
p83GAEB DA 2000 Data File
p96Win96 Database
p97Win97 Database
p99MicroStation Modification Project Resource File
pa2CME SPAN Expanded Format Data
pa2mSAM PA2M Alignment Data
pabMicrosoft Outlook Personal Address Book
padAct! Database Pointer
padPortable Application Description
padTop Secret Crypto Gold One Time Pad Data
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