Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

ovsOrbit Vector Symbol Data
ovsOvation 1 Style Sheet
ovtOrbit Vector File Tiled
ovwCool Edit Pro Overview Data
ovwCubase WAVE File Overview
owcOutWit Hub OutWit Catch Database
owcWAsP Observed Wind Climate
owfOSRAM Waveform File
owgOutWit Hub Gear Database
owmOutWit Hub XML Mashup
owpmlHangul Word Processor 2018 Document
owtOneWorldTree Data
owxOutWit Hub Script
oxbOlapX Report Portfolio Data
oxcOlapX Cube Definition
oxdPS3 Proxy Server Data
oxePulsar Z.matrix Data
oxfIBM Rational Rhapsody Data
oxfOrbit XML Vector Data
oxfOrigin X-Function File
oxlLITESTAR 4D Data File
oxmlOXML 2.0 Data
oxpOmniRush eXtended Package
oxyMatplotlib OXY Data
oyxLotus Approach Alternate Database Index
oyzLotus Approach Alternate Database Index
ozOpera Job Management Compressed File
ozdOZ Report Data
ozpSharp Wizard Phone Bank Data
p0WOW! Diagnostic P0 Data
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