Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

outMyInfo Document Outline Data
outNastran Tabular Output
outNovaBACKUP Backup Data
outRMCProfile Results Data
out1UltraEdit Outline Data
outbFAST Binary Output Data
outjobAltium Designer OutputJob Data
outlineFontTwister Letter Outline Data
ouvSphinx Open Ended Responses Data
ouxBibExcel OUX Data
ouxPCCharge Transaction Response XML File
ovOpenInsight Overflow Data
ov1MS-DOS Overlay Data
ov2MS-DOS Overlay Data
ov2TomTom POI Database
ov3MS-DOS Overlay Data
ov4MS-DOS Overlay Data
ov5MS-DOS Overlay Data
ovbOnkoS Vocabulary Backup Data
ovdOverDisk Data
overlayStreamlabs OBS Overlay Data
ovfOpen Virtualization Format Data
oviPC-9801 FM System Data
ovisuiteNokia Ovi Suite Data
ovlE-Sword v8 Overlay Data
ovlxE-Sword v9 Overlay Data
ovmBHV Tonstudio Data
ovmlOvidentia Markup Language Document
ovologooVoo Log File
ovsARTA Overlay Data
9631 to 9660 of 15812