Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

oprcPalm OS Desktop OPRC Data
opsAltair FEKO OPTFEKO Internal Data
opsDynamite VSP Object Placement Style Data
opsOrbit Point Cloud Selection Data
optAltair FEKO CADFEKO Optimisation Data
optConcordance Native Viewer Database
optCRiSP Harvest Output Path Data
optCX-Programmer OPT Data
optPsion Organiser OPL Source
optionsEclipse IDE Trace Options
opuscertDirectory Opus Certificate Data
opvOpenPanorama Visit File
opweSignal Options Data
opxPsion Organiser OPX Library
opyOptiY Model
op_GKSetup Support Data
or2Lotus Organizer 2 Data
or3Lotus Organizer 97 Data
or4Lotus Organizer 4 Data
or8IBM Rational Rose Oracle8 Database Model Report
orbXMVB Optimized VB Orbitals
orbxOctaneRender Scene Package
orcOracle Database Script
ordOMAX Routed Data File
ordOpen Reminder Database
orgHollywood FX Effects Organizer Data
orgLotus Organizer Data
orientRibbons Orientation File
orjInterSelect PhotoScan Data
orlObject-Relational Language Data
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