Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

obgZBrush Mesh Data
obiMicrosoft Outlook RSS Subscription Data
objWavefront Object File
objfSTRIPE Object Data
obkCadence OrCAD Capture Design
obkGenie Outlook Express Backup Data
obkOxygen Phone Manager Phone Book Data
obkpCon.basket Project
obpackObjectBar Theme
obsAquaCrop Field Observations Data
obsOpen Broadcaster Software Data
obsWAsP Obstacle List
obs-serviceOpen Broadcaster Software Data
obskinObjectBar Skin
obuWindLDR Device Data List
obxIBM Rational XDE Object File
obxpCon.planner Pro OBX Exchange Format Data
obzPoser 3D Compressed Object
ocMODFLOW Output Control Data
oc3OpenCanvas 3 Event
oc4OpenCanvas 4 Event
oc5OpenCanvas 5 Event
oc8OrgCon 8 Organization Data
oc9OrgCon 9 Organization Data
ocbDOpus Configuration Backup
occDB/TextWorks List of BTX Records
occOptControlCentre Model
ocdOCAD Map
ocdOrgCon Organization Data
ocenEdGCM OCEN Data
9301 to 9330 of 15812