Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

nzlCorel Painter Nozzle Data
nznNoteZilla Notes Data
nznRMCProfile Nitrogen Zinc Neighbours Data
o2sOracle-to-MySQL Profile Description Data
o8cOCTGN Card Image
o8dOCTGN Deck Data
o8gOCTGN Game Definition Data
o8oMediator 5 Repository Tabs Data
o8sOCTGN Set Data
oaCadence OrCAD OpenAccess Data
oaOpenAccess Database
oabMicrosoft Outlook Offline Address Book
oalForms Design Tool Pattern License Data
oamAdobe Edge Animate Widget
oawOpenArchitectureWare Workflow Data
obIBM LinkWay Object
ob!Orbit Downloader Unfinished File
ob3ORTIMzeit Data File
obcAICON 3D Photogrammetry File
obdOracle Forms Online Help Data
obgZBrush Mesh Data
obiMicrosoft Outlook RSS Subscription Data
objWavefront Object File
objfSTRIPE Object Data
obkCadence OrCAD Capture Design
obkGenie Outlook Express Backup Data
obkOxygen Phone Manager Phone Book Data
obkpCon.basket Project
obpackObjectBar Theme
obsAquaCrop Field Observations Data
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