Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

nwbNetwork Workbench Data
nwbNikon Capture White Balance Data
nwbakNeatWorks Database Backup
nwcNavisWorks Cache File
nwcNetSim Multiple Device Configuration Data
nwcabNeat Cabinet
nwdbNeat Database
nwelicenseNisus Writer Pro License Data
nwfFTS Comm Control Data
nwgNetEase Game Replay
nwkNano Wiki Engine Data
nwmSony NWM Display Screen
nwoNWChem Output File
nwpNavisWorks Presenter Material Palette
nwpNEC-Win Plus Proprietary Format Data
nwtMODFLOW Newton Solver Data
nwvDragon NaturallySpeaking User Archive
nx1NexusDB Database
nx2NexusDB v2 Database
nxeLonWorks Neuron Application Image File
nxiKaseya Network Monitoring Statistic Index
nxlNextLabs SkyDRM Encrypted Data
nxmNexus Mod Manager Link
nxpNEXUS Expansion Pack
nxrKaseya Network Monitoring Statistic Data
nxsNEXUS Data File
nxsPioneer Rekordbox Profile
nyfmyBase Database
nylNovapoint Vertical Alignment Data
nymSheffield Dictionary Data
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