Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

apiAdobe Photoshop Ink Colors Setup
apinAdobe InDesign Filter
apkgAnki Exported Flashcard Deck
aplibraryApple Aperture Library
aplmodeliCal Application Layout Data
apmAlphacam Punch Param Macro
apmasterApple Photos Master Data
apmx64Rohitab API Monitor x64 Capture Data
apmx86Rohitab API Monitor Capture Data
appAlphacam Punch Post Data
appThecusOS Application
appcacheHTML5 Application Cache
appcontent-msMicrosoft Windows Application Content
appdataVMware Workstation appData Data
appiconVMware Workstation appData Icon
appinfoVMware Workstation appData Cache
applBoxGrinder Appliance Data
applaceApple Photos Place Data
appleApple AppleSingle Data
applicationClickOnce Deployment Manifest
aprGerber Aperture Data
aprMicroSim PCBoard Aperture Information Report
aprSAM Alignment Probabilities Data
apr_libAltium Designer Aperture Library Data
apsmartalbumApple Aperture Smart Album Data
aptAlphacam Punch Tool Data
aptGerber Aperture Data
aptNimbus 7 SAMS APRIORI Data
apvEdiAPV Data
apvaultApple Aperture Vault Data
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