Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

4mtMacroToolbar Macro Set
4pkPerfect Keyboard Macro Set
4scforScore Metadata
4sw4DOS Swapfile
4twMacro Toolworks Macro Set
4wsMacro Toolworks Data
545Aimutation Skin
5dMicrosoft Works Data
5vwAccellent 5View Packet Capture
73bTI-73 Backup
73cTI-73 Constant
73gTI-73 Group Data
73lTI-73 Data List
73sTI-73 String Data
7mpSafeNet MP-1 Token Data
7scMODTRAN Spectral Transmittance Data
83bTI-83 Backup Memory Image
83cTI-83 Complex Variable Data
83dTI-83 Calculator Graph Database
83eTI-83 Calculator Expression Data
83gTI-83 Calculator Group Data
83lTI-83 Calculator List
83mTI-83 Calculator Matrix Data
83nTI-83 Calculator Number Data
83sTI-83 Calculator String Data
83tTI-83 Calculator Table Setup
83wTI-83 Calculator Window Setup
83yTI-83 Calculator Equation Data
83zTI-83 Calculator Assembly Program
85nTI-85 Data
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