Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

ncfGibbsCAM CNC Program Listing
ncfLotus Notes Internal Clipboard Data
ncfXilinx Platform Studio Netlist Constraints File
ncgNative Instruments Controller Editor Template
ncgNetomata Config Generator Template
ncgrNitro Character Graphic Resource
nchMicrosoft Outlook Express Folder Data
nciMastercam NCI Lines Data
nckPTC Creo NC Check Image Data
ncks2NI Traktor Kontrol S2 Template
ncks4NI Traktor S4 Template
ncks5NI Traktor S5 Template
nckx1NI Traktor Kontrol X1 Template
nclPTC Creo CL Data
nclrNitro Colour Resource
ncnNetcad Point Data
ncoNero BackItUp Compressed Data
ncompSAM Dirichlet Mixture Prior Library
ncpNikon Picture Control
ncpSmartWare Communication Profile Data
ncsLotus Notes Content Source
ncsNeuraLynx Single Continuous Channel Data
ncsaHierarchical Data Format File
ncssNCSS Dataset File
nc_Nero BackItUp Child File
ndaNero BackItUp Drive Image
ndasNDAS Exported Registration Data
ndbAct! Notes Database
ndbClamAV Extended Signature Data
ndbNEPLAN Network Node Data
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