Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

wnuWIND Tunnel UMTS Measurement Data
wockRoute 66 for Mac Data
wofAveva MDS Witch Hanger Data
wogWAsP Obstacle Group
wopWonderland Adventures Editor Object
wordlistDesktop Poet Word List
workBibble Work Queue
wotWebEx Recording File
wotWeb of Trust Data
wovCakewalk Sonar Picture Cache
woxMapInfo Professional Additional Workspace Data
wpaWorkPlace Pro Utilities Alarm Page Builder Data
wpbWorkPlace Pro Utilities Backup and Transport Data
wpcWorkPlace Pro Utilities Data Collector Data
wpdWorkPlace Pro Utilities Container Duplicator Data
wphWorkPlace Pro Utilities Batch
wpiOS/2 WarpIN Installer
wpjWorkPlace Pro Utilities Jar File Maps Data
wpkCorel WordPerfect Keyboard Layout
wpnSchedule24 Schedule Data
wpoHolux GM-101 Waypoint
wppWorkPlace Pro Utilities Property Sets Export Data
wppWebPlus Site Data
wpqWorkPlace Pro Utilities Station Query
wprHolux GM-101 Route
wprWorkPlace Pro Utilities Report Generator Data
wprpWindows Performance Recorder Recording Profile
wpsWorkPlace Pro Utilities Property Sheets Data
wptWorkPlace Pro Utilities Tree Builder Data
wpvWorkPlace Pro Utilities Value Table Builder Data
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