Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

zbfZemax Beam File
zbinReport Server Localization Data
zblorbZ-machine Package
zbpBoardmaker Compressed Package
zbsSuper-K Data
zcastCreative ZENcast Organizer Data
zcfRocket D3 ZIP Code Data
zchZIG Game Construction Kit Data
zcodeZ-Suite Code
zcrZenCrack Data
zcvZortech 3 Tools Readme Document
zdaGP32 ZDA Compressed Archive
zdbZimbra Database
zdbNEPLAN Network Topology Data
zdcCD Catalog Expert Database
zdctAdobe Localization Dictionary
zdmSIPINA Zlib Compressed FDM Data
zdtZhongwen Development Tool Data
zecZemax Encrypted Coating File
zenZemax Face Number File
zfo602XML Form Filler Data
zfpZoner Photo Studio Exported Presets Data
zgraphL3DT ZeoGraph XML Data
zgyPetrel Compressed Seismic Data
zibZX-Editor Graphic Library
zicZooImage Categories Data
zidZooImage Data
zigZIG Game Construction Kit Game Data
zimOpenZIM Archive
zimaaOpenZIM Splitted Archive
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