Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

x02Paradox Secondary Index
x03Paradox Secondary Index
x04Paradox Secondary Index
x05Paradox Secondary Index
x06Paradox Secondary Index
x07Paradox Secondary Index
x08Paradox Secondary Index
x09Paradox Secondary Index
x1X1 Saved Search
x1sX1 Search Saved Search
x36Xplorer360 Data
x3pXML 3D Surface Profile
x3sX3S Data
x61Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Bios Update
x83GAEB DA XML Data File
xaChiron NRG Exported Dictionary
xacGnuCash Data
xacXMetaL Author Customization File
xaddMicrosoft Expression Web Add-in
xadesXAdES Signature
xadmlXML-Based Application Description Information
xafIMVU Animation
xafAutodesk 3D Studio MAX XML Animation
xaimlXAIML Chatterbot Database File
xaoSALOME Geometry XAO Data
xapplSpoon XML Application Configuration
xbbDVIPDFMx Output File
xbdXilinx Xilinx Board Description Format File
xbdrDarkroom Booth Template
8731 to 8760 of 9192