Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

wblOPM WAP Bookmarks Archive
wbrWriteOnline Wordbar Data
wbvWordBanks Editor Data
wbverifyWindows Backup Verify File
wcTotal Commander Directory Tree
wcaWinCatalog Standard Database
wcapMac OS X Wireless Diagnostics Captured Packets
wcatWinCatalog Standard Database
wcbWinCDR Data
wcdMicrosoft Works Calendar
wcfFRAMES Water Concentration File
wckWaterCAD Data
wclWinCatalog Light Database
wcryptWebcrypto-crypt Encrypted Data
wcsWhopSee Compressed Skin
wctWCT Reader Index File
wcuCueCard Saved Flashcards Data
wcxfWorldCard Mobile Exchange Data
wczChameleon Clock Wallpaper
wd3Offline Explorer Data
wdaAutoCAD Electrical Project User Attributes Data
wdcWinDaq Waveform Browser Data
wdhWinDaq High Resolution Data
wdlAutoCAD Electrical Project Labels Data
wdnAutoCAD Electrical Project Terminal Numbering Data
wdqOffline Explorer Queue
wdqWinDaq Acquired Data
wdrAutoCAD Electrical Project Ratings Data
wdsemlThunderbird Searchable Email File
wdspWebDrive Data
8671 to 8700 of 9373