Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

wordlistDesktop Poet Word List
workBibble Work Queue
wotWebEx Recording File
wotWeb of Trust Data
wovCakewalk Sonar Picture Cache
woxMapInfo Professional Additional Workspace Data
wpiOS/2 WarpIN Installer
wpkCorel WordPerfect Keyboard Layout
wpnSchedule24 Schedule Data
wpoHolux GM-101 Waypoint
wppWebPlus Site Data
wprHolux GM-101 Route
wprpWindows Performance Recorder Recording Profile
wpxWebPlus Site Template
wqcWondershare QuizCreator Data
wqsWebQuest Surfer Data
wqzWater Quality Zone Data
wrSTK Write Ups File
wrfWebEx Recording File
wrgWAsP Resource Grid
wrlkWeb Research Document Link
wrrWAsP Roughness Rose Data
wrtWhistlerMap Waypoints Data
wrtsWrts Data
wsadOpenEdge Web Services Application Descriptor
wsbMicrosoft Sharepoint Document Set
wseqWorkswell Recorded Thermal Sequence
wsgWAsP Site Location Data
wskAshampoo Media Player Skin
wsknWise Care 365 Skin Data
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