Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

mpgpMacPGP Data
mphCOMSOL Multiphysics Data
mphPhotoLine Morphing Data
mphbinCOMSOL Multiphysics Binary Data
mpiMoldflow Plastics Insight Document
mpiMPlayer Control Data
mpipmpiP Data
mpkGE LEDR Radio Software Image
mpkProject64 Memory Pack
mplAVCHD Playlist Data
mplMaple Language File
mplogWireshark Micropross Mplog
mplsBlu-ray Disc Movie Playlist
mpmBlueice Multipass Data
mpmCorel WordPerfect MathPlan Macro
mppMobileFrame Project Publisher Data
mpp2MPEG2 Video Header Information Data
mprAutodesk AutoCAD Mass Properties Report
mprBibExcel MPR Data
mprMultilizer Dictionary Data
mprMultilizer PDF Translator Description Data
mprMusic Publisher Backup File
mprwoodWOP Data
mprvImperva SecureSphere Data
mpuMail.dat Mail Piece Unit File
mpudMPViewer Data
mpvMicrosoft Project View Data
mpvdMPViewer Data
mpvmMPViewer Data
mpvuhpcpCPXe Upload Control Data
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