Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

mmwAceMoney Data
mmwMicrosoft Office Clip Organizer Catalog
mmysyscacheMilennial Media Ad Cache
mmzMusicmatch Jukebox Theme Data
mn1Microsoft Money v1 Data
mn4Microsoft Money 95 Data
mn5Microsoft Money 97 Data
mn6Microsoft Money 98 Data
mn7Microsoft Money 99 Data
mn8Microsoft Money 8 Data
mn9Microsoft Money 2001 Data
mncAutodesk AutoCAD Compiled Menu
mndAutodesk AutoCAD Menu Compiler Data
mndFractal Forge v2 Fractal Parameters
mnfMSC Adams Model Neutral Data
mngCorel Paint Shop Pro Animation
mniCerious Mandelbrot Image
mnitSlimBrowser MNIT Data
mnkMy Notes Keeper Notebook
mnmAutodesk Character Studio Marker Name
mnnMicrosoft Money Cache Data
mnrAutodesk AutoCAD Menu Resource
mnsAutodesk AutoCAD Menu Source
mnuAdobe Photoshop Menu Customization Data
mnuAutodesk AutoCAD Menu Definition
mnuGeneral CADD Menu
mnuSmartWare Menu Keywords Data
mnuTotal Commander Menu Language Data
mnxAutodesk AutoCAD Compiled Menu Data
moDymola Simulation Data
8311 to 8340 of 15812