Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

vbtSpyware Doctor Temporary Scan
vbuvBProductMaker vBulletin Product Data
vcVivid 2.0 Color Definition
vc7DaVis Vector Data
vcaliCal Document
vccVelocitek Control Center Data
vcdLattice Reveal Analyzer Exported Waveform
vcexProfExam Exam Data
vcf1000 Genomes Project Text Variant Call Format File
vckNexpose Vulnerability Check Data
vcmfVAIO Content Manager Metadata
vcoVirtual CD Collection
vcpCasio ClassPad 300 Virtual ClassPad
vcprefNorton Antivirus Virus Preferences Data
vcrdWindows Credential Manager Credential Data
vctrCesium Vector 3D Tiles Data
vdVEDA Data File
vd2KNX Virtual Device Export File
vd3KNX Virtual Device Export File
vd4KNX Virtual Device Export File
vd5KNX Virtual Device Export File
vdatSkyGazer Data
vdataVaulty Vault Data
vdbNorton Antivirus Virus Database
vdb3VistaDB Database
vdblXilinx ISE Internal Data
vdbxXilinx ISE Internal Data
vddlOpenGL Volumizer VDDL Data
vdeVEDA Elements File
vdfVersaCheck Data File
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