Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

tysetTypinator Set File
tzaTZ Medical Aera-CT Data
tzdNetscape Communicator Locale Data
tzlSketchUp Custom Location Data
tzxZX Spectrum Emulator Tape Data TZX
uUnreal Engine Data
u10UFile 2010 Tax Return
u11UFile 2011 Tax Return Data
u12UFile 2012 Tax Return Data
u2nUnicode to Native Mapping Data
u32Adobe Authorware Cover File
uapSIMATIC WinCC User Archive Export
ubjUniversal Binary JSON Data
ubjsonUniversal Binary JSON Data
uboxUniverse Sandbox Simulation Data
ubsMicrosoft BugsLayer Data
ubuUEFI BIOS Updater Data
uccapilogWindows Live Messenger UCC API Log
ucdAVS Unstructured Cell Data
uceMicrosoft Windows Unicode Extensions Data
ucfXilinx User Constraints File
uciUFS Explorer Compressed Image
ucsF5 User Configuration Set
uctUC Browser Theme
udOmniPage User Dictionary
udaZemax User-defined Aperture File
udbMicrosoft Dynamics AX User Database
udcAdobe InDesign User Dictionary
udebDebian Package
udfWindows NT Uniqueness Database File
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