Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

xbbDVIPDFMx Output File
xbdXilinx Xilinx Board Description Format File
xbdrDarkroom Booth Template
xbfXAML Binary File
xbinRegSupreme Pro Licence Data
xbnXnick Nick Backup Data
xc3Cast3D 3D Scene Data
xcbrSonic Workbench XPath Routing Rules
xccolorthemeXcode Color Theme Data
xcdWarpIN Data File
xcnGenePattern XCN Data
xcoXilinx CORE Generator Log
xcpCasio ClassPad 300 Exported ClassPad
xcsTBX eXtensible Constraint Specification
xcslCineStyle Color Correction Data
xcsrOracle UCM Content Folio XML
xcstOracle UCM Content Folio Template
xcworkspaceXcode Workspace Data
xdatXMVB Data File
xdbNorton Antivirus Update
xddXFIT XDD Format Data
xdeltaXdelta Binary Differential Data
xdfTunerPro Definition File
xdlExpert Definition Language Document
xdmOracle BI Publisher Data Model
xdmzOracle BI Publisher Compressed Data Model
xdnaDNA Strider Sequence Data
xdoOracle BI Publisher Report Definition
xdozOracle BI Publisher Compressed Report Definition
xdrzOracle BI Publisher Folder Data
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