Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

vpdbVIP Organizer Database
vpeAdobe Photoshop Vanishing Point Exchange File
vpolWindows Credential Manager Policy Data
vpuAvast Antivirus Setup/Update Package
vpxAvast Antivirus Update
vqcVirtual CD Quick Copy
vqdVisiQuick Data
vr1Advance Design Results File
vrbsLameXP Audio Encoder Data
vrcViewRanger Map Data
vrgVisual Studio SDK Package Registry Data
vrgViewRanger Map Data
vrhViewRanger Map Data
vriVripPack Volumetric Data
vrkAdvance Design Results Backup
vrlmapV-Ray Light Cache Data
vrmViewRanger Map Data
vrmeshV-Ray Mesh File
vrpVectir Remote Profile File
vrrVariant Reporter Reference Data
vrsCorel WordPerfect Video Device Driver
vrsceneV-Ray 3D Scene
vrxVisual ReportX Data
vrzLANDesk Compressed Vulscan Results Data
vsVivid 2.0 Include
vschWindows Credential Manager Schema Data
vscontentVisual Studio Content
vsdirMicrosoft Visual Studio IDE Template Directory Description
vsfVICE Snapshot File
vsfxTriCaster LiveSet File
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