Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

xpsDB/TextWorks Exported Set Definitions
xptSAS XPORT Engine Data
xptEES Export
xpuIBM SiteProtector X-press Update File
xpwAccessible FormNet Data File
xpxAccessible FormNet Data File
xqaPX Windows Board Description Data
xqcnQPST Content
xqpI-Doser Temporary Data
xqtSuperCalc Macro
xqxXQX Printer Stream Data
xrChaos Desktop Reference File
xrdmlPANalytical XRD Instruments Data
xrfIMVU Material File
xrffExtensible Attribute-Relation File Format
xriXML for Requirements Interchange Data
xrioOMICRON Test Universe Extended RIO Object
xrkAiM Tech EVO4S Logger Data
xrlOSCAR Rules Data
xrlRapidform XOR 3D Scan CAD Data
xrm-msWindows Vista Activation Certificate
xrntRenoise DSP Device-chains Data
xrtRevolution Single-spectrum Xraytor Data
xryXRY Data
xrzAiM Tech EVO4S Logger Data
xsHummingbird Exceed Startup File
xsbXMLBeans XML Schema Binary
xsbSybase PowerDesigner XML Model Backup
xsbzOracle BI Publisher Sub Template
xscRFM Molecule Cross-Section Data
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