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Data File Extensions

_pdCreo CADDS Data
_rsRVS-COM Service Pack
_vAdobe Type Manager Japanese Font Metrics Data
_vcViewChoice Data
_zaCleverZip Temporary File
__aFile Splitter & Joiner Encrypted File
__bFile Splitter & Joiner Encrypted Archive
{pbCorel WordPerfect Document Index
~crCardRecovery Temporary File
~cwCircuit Wizard Backup
~dpDelphi Project Backup
~hmHostMonitor TestList Backup
~iAZZ Cardfile Index Data
~mnNorton Commander Menu Backup
~paDelphi Pascal Backup
~pasDelphi Pascal Backup
~sgTAPCIS Message Index
~siPowersim Studio Project Backup
~y7Synchro Studio 7 Backup Data
19521 to 19539 of 19539
1 2 3 4 ... 242 243 244 245