Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

albAVSnap Symbol Library
albChief Architect Legacy Library
albCubase VST v5 Arrangement Backup Data
albEpson Print CD Label Data
alb3Adobe PageMaker for Mac Document
alb4Adobe PageMaker for Mac Document
alb5Adobe PageMaker 5 for Mac Document
alb6Adobe PageMaker 6 for Mac Document
albumGLC_Player Album Data
albwMakeitOne Album Wrapper
alcAlchemy Format Data
alcAlteryx Designer Allocate License Data
alcMicrosoft Dynamics AX Application Label Cache
alc4Adobe PageMaker for Mac Dictionary Data
alcoURL Manager Pro Data
aldAldefaer v3 Data
aldAldfaer Genealogy Data
aldMicrosoft Dynamics AX Application Label Data
ald2Adobe PageMaker for Mac Data
ald3Adobe PageMaker 3 for Mac Document
ald4Adobe PageMaker 4 for Mac Document
ald6Adobe PageMaker 6 for Mac Document
aldfAldefaer v4 Data
aldfAldfaer Genealogy Data
alexAlex Data
alfAbacusLaw Format Data
alfAct! Database Log
alfAltium Designer License Data
alfSonicWALL Aventail Connect License Data
alfaAbbreviated Language For Authorization Data
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