Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

indZemax Input Data
indbcAlteryx Designer Packaged In-DB Connections Data
indexDICT Index File
indexMySQL Binlog Index File
indexWOW! Diagnostic Index Data
indexarraysMac OS X Spotlight Index Data
indkAdobe InDesign Keyboard Shortcut Set
indsAdobe InDesign Snippet
indxCALDB Index
indxMicrosoft Mail Index Data
inetlocMac OS X Finder Internet Location
infPTC Creo Information Data
infUlead Photo Explorer Thumbnail Info
infini-dInfini-D 3.0 Scene
infoSpider File Storage Index
infoWOW! Diagnostic Firmware Module Info
infoZoomBrowser EX Image Index Data
inf_locWindows Driver Information Cache File
ingMasterCook Ingredients Data
iniGoogle Picasa Album Info
initWebMoney Keeper CLASSIC Temporary Keys Data
injDAZ Studio 3D Morph Injection Data
injbAdobe InDesign Job Bag Data
inkCorelDraw Pantone Reference Fills Data
inkMimio Studio Ink Data
inkTablet PC Digital Ink
inlInspiration Custom Symbol Library
inlineBase64 Encoded Inline Image
inlxAdobe InDesign Interchange Library
inmriNMR Data
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