Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

idzAutodesk Inventor Compressed Content Library
idzI-DEAS Data
ieMyEclipse Image
ie3Internet Explorer Related Data
iedISIS Event Data File
iefiCE CFR Raw Data
iefISIS Control File
ieiImage Eye Index Cache
ielParticleIllusion SE Emitter Library
ienviData 3 Envelope Template Data
iesIESNA Photometric Data
ie_Compressed IEC File
if90Programmer's Notepad Data
ifaithiFaith SHSH Data
ifcIndustry Foundation Classes Data
ifczipCompressed IFC Data
iffSmartWare Temporary Merge Data
ifiinFlow Inventory Database Backup
ifictionZoom iFiction File
iflAutodesk 3D Studio Max Image File List
iflvInfoLevin Database
ifmBrighterion iPrevent Fraud Model
ifnIGOR Pro Formatted Notebook File
ifoImageForge Pro Graphic Object Layer Data
ifolInstant File Opener Data
ifpKnowledgeMan Script
ifsFractInt IFS File
ifsInfoSlips Package
iftIGOR Pro Formatted Notebook Template File
ifwINTUS Terminal Firmware
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