Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

ibzMySQL InnoDB Database Table Compressed Backup
ib_licIncrediBuild License Data
icSony Ericsson Icon Pack
icSPICE Initial Condition Data
ic0HSPICE Initial Conditions Data
ic4SADiE Interchange Data
icaBrainVoyager QX Independent Component Analysis Data
icaIdentity Compass Encrypted Answers Data
icaleventiCal Event Data
icaltodoiCal To Do List
icbuiCal Backup
iccICC Profile
iccIconUtils Icon Collection
iccIronCAD Catalog Data
iceCoolTalk Invitation Data
icfCheyenne AntiVirus Data
icfImabas Data
icfRapidForm INUS Compression Format Data
icgImage Comparer Database
ichatiChat Saved Log
iclArtIcons Icon Library
iclMail.dat International Container Label File
icmImage Color Matching Profile
icmIntegrated Climatic Model Data
icmodInner Core Minecraft PE Mod Data
icmsRagTime Data
icnOpenFlight Model
icnsMac OS X Icon Resource File
iconboxIconBox Data
iconfigiConfig Data
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