Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

hspiGO Primo Histspeed File
hsqlSAS/IntrNet htmSQL Data
hsrRezeptAssist Exported Data
hssAdobe Photoshop Hue/Saturation Data
hst3DCS Analysis Histogram Data
hstCorel WordPerfect Office History Data
hstGeneral History File
hstxAltair HyperStudy Package
hswSTEPS Frequency Response Data
ht1Google Desktop HT1 File
htaS10 WebAlbums Data
htbAudacity Help File
hteHealthStream Express Exported Test Data
htfHydrographic Transfer Format Data
hthemeThinkfree Office NEO Show Theme
htkHTK Format Parameter File
htmenxEgis Encrypted HTML Data
htmsqlSAS/IntrNet htmSQL Data
htnMicrografx Picture Publisher 8 Print Style Data
htoSurvex Hierarchical Tagged Objects File
htpasswdApache Password File
htplIBM Rational Application Developer WebContent Theme
htrMotion Analysis Skeletal Data
htrcHTRC Workset Toolkit Configuration Data
htriHTRI Xchanger Suite Data Input
htsHyperTuner Skin
htvHTV Teletekst Data
htwWebhits Template
htxMicrosoft Frontpage Database Results Data
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