Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

adxALSee Thumbnail Data
adxLotus Approach Index Data
adxXML-based ADIF File
ad_pcfAlibre Design Catalog Feature Part Data
ad_smpAlibre Design Sheet Metal Parts Data
ad_symAlibre Design Symbols Data
ae1FileMaker Pro Runtime Database
aeaAdWords Editor Archive
aebAlphacam Wire EDM VB Macro
aecCinema 4D After Effects Composition
aecDataCAD AEC Drawing Data
aecacheAdobe After Effects Cache
aecapAdobe After Effects Text Template Capsule
aedtANSYS Electronics Desktop Data
aedtzANSYS Electronics Desktop Archive
aegNetmino Data
aeixARGUS Enterprise Exported Data
aekAdobe After Effects Keyframe
aemAlphacam Wire EDM Param Macro
aemSTK Azimuth-Elevation Mask
aenInventus Antum Secured Mail Encrypted Data
aeoAvid MetaSync Avid Enhancement Object
aepAlphacam Wire EDM Post Data
aepkeyAdvanced Encryption Package Key
aerAdobe Atmosphere World
aeroSTK Aerodynamics File
aesAdobe After Effects Stabilizer Settings Data
aetAdobe After Effects Template
aetxAdobe After Effects XML Template
aeuAutoroute Express Europe Route Data
541 to 570 of 15812