Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

gdlStanford Microarray Database GDL Data
gdlinkInSync Google Drive Link Data
gdoGerber Data Object
gdqSmartWare Quick Graph
gdrGRAFIK Eye Designer User Data
gdscriptInSync Google Drive Script Data
gdspAstound GDSP Data
gdtGenbox Family History Dictionary Data
gdtgINT Data Template
gdtGretl Data
gdtGuitar and Drum Trainer Song
gdtbGretl Binary Data
gdxGAMS Data Exchange File
gdxNovapoint Triangle Model
gdyNovapoint Triangle Model
gdynGimp Dynamics File
gdzGenbox Family History Initialization Data
ge2Autodesk Maya 3D GE2 Exported Data
ge3Mastercam Geometry Data
ge6WinFamily 6 Genealogy Data
gebDr. Hardware Data File
gebSybase PowerDesigner Glossary Model Backup
gedataQlucore Omics Explorer Data File
geeGeeonxCreator Object Data
gefGeotechnical Exchange Format File
gemMcAfee Antivirus Pattern Update
gemsRuby Version Manager GemSet Data
genChromeleon Generic Driver Configuration
genLinguistic Tree Constructor Generic File
genPLINK Oxford Genotype Data
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