Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

gblGerber Bottom Layer Data
gbnOASIS Montaj Binary Data
gboGerber Bottom Overlay Data
gbpGenesis Bitmap Pattern
gbpGerber Bottom Paste Mask Data
gbsGerber Bottom Solder Mask Data
gbsdatgBilling Server Data
gbtseXtendable Wad Editor GBTS Data
gbvGearBunny Data
gbwGerbview Workspace Data
gbxGerber PCB Data
gbxGreat Budget Budget Data
gbzPrizoop Compressed ROM Image
gcGraphClick File
gcSierra Print Artist Greeting Card
gc2GENECLUSTER GC2 Output File
gcatGUI Design Studio Catalogue File
gcbGoogle Chrome Backup Archive
gccGene Construction Kit Data
gccvAdobe PageMaker GCCV Filter Data
gcdGarmin Nuvi Software Update
gcdGeneral CADD Drawing
gcdMercury Refcode List Data
gcdMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Component Download
gcfGameExchange2 Camera Data
gcgGCG DNA Sequence
gciGamecube Game Save
gckGene Construction Kit Data
gcmGamecube Disk Image
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