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Data File Extensions

assySiemens NX Assembly Data
astActivTrak Session Track Data
Adobe Color Separation Table
AstroGrav Astronomy Simulation Data
Autodesk Simulation Mechanical Strain Results Data
ESwin Wizard
Hallo Northern Sky Asteroid Database
Technics SX-KN6000 All Custom Memory Data
ast2Astrotite 200X Data
astmOptitex 3D Suite ASTM Grading File
astoreLUX Variables Data
Microsoft SQL Server Property Main Store
asuToolbook Package Definition
asvMakeMusic Finale Auto-save File
Pegasus Mail Auto-saved Message
QuarkXPress Autosave Data
asvxMakeMusic Finale Auto-save File
aswcsAvast Compressed Skin
aswsAvast Skin
asyLTspice Symbols Data
Xilinx CORE Generator Graphical Symbol File
atETCBC Analyzed Text Data
at1KJT-200 Absorbance Data
at2PMC DCX-AT300 AT2 Data
at4pAmpliTube 4 Preset
at5pAmpliTube 5 Preset
atbAlphacam Lathe VB Macro
AnetHelpTool Format Data
atcAceText Collection File
AttacheCase Encrypted File
Autodesk AutoCAD Tool Catalog
atc_listaTube Catcher Data
atdMicrosoft SMS Data
atfAlternativa3D Texture File
ASAM Transfer Format XML Data
Canvas Duotone Curve Data
GenePix Axon Text File
PCAnywhere Auto Transfer Data
atfxASAM Transfer Format XML Data
athAlienware AlienFX Theme
Alphacam Lathe Thread
Athena Task File
athemeAmazing Clock Theme Data
atiDraw Cartoons 2 Character Data
atlArtlantis 3D Scene
AutoTap Log
atlaArtlantis v5 Archive
atlgSlimBrowser Autologin Data
atloArtlantis v5 Object
atlocMac OS X Finder AppleTalk Location Data
atlsArtlantis Studio Shader Data
atmAdobe Type Manager Data
Alphacam Lathe Param Macro
MODELLER Atom Coordinates Data
RFM Atmospheric Profile Data
Terragen Atmosphere Landscape Data
Vue Atmospheres Data
atmcAdobe Type Manager Data
atmnAutomation Anywhere Macro
atmoAdobe Atmosphere World
atmpxMetrel ES Manager Autosequence Group
atmsphrTerragen Atmosphere Landscape Data
atmxAutomation Anywhere Script
atnAdobe Photoshop Actions Data
Daqarta Attenuator Calibration Data
atoAutodesk Simulation Mechanical Auxiliary Output Data
atomcatAtom Syndication Category Document
atomsRibbons Atoms Definition
atomsvcAtom Syndication Service Data
atpAlphacam Lathe Post Data
atpinfAutomise Project Information
atrLightscape Material File
MicroSim PCBoard Attributes Report
PhysioBank Annotation File
atsAdvanced ETL Transformation Script
Audiotools Plug-in
attAlphacam Lathe Tool Data
ZipLip Secured E-mail Message
att00001Microsoft Exchange Generic Attachment Data
atthemeAndroid Telegram Theme Data
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