Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

furlFact200 URL Data
fusFXpansion Uninstall Script
fuseAdobe Fuse 3D Model
futrNetIQ Identity Manager Future-dated Infotype Cache
fvFresh View Thumbnail Cache
fvbTAC Vista Database Backup
fvdDatABEL Filevector Data
fveBitLocker Full Volume Encryption File
fvfFlukeView File
fviDatABEL Filevector Index
fvlSanscript Library Cabinet File
fvpANSYS Fluent Path Line Data
fvplFrozen Vertex Pair List Data
fvrNoteTab Favorites File
fvsForest Vegetation Simulator Tree Data
fvuFile Validation Utility Report
fwFramework Database
fw2Framework II File
fwactionFreeway Action
fwactionbFreeway Action Bundle
fwbackupFreeway Backup
fwcFWS Sonde Import Data
fwdBentley InRoads Survey Field Book
fwdIMail Server Forwarded Message
fwdictFreeway Pro User Dictionary
fweFWS Field Data
fwfBentley InRoads Survey Feature Table Data
fwizAutodesk Inventor Stress Analysis FWIZ Data
fwkeyFlexiWrite Document Lock
fwlFileWrangler Library
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