Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

freqSAM Frequency Model Data
fresAutodesk Inventor Stress Analysis Results Data
frfAbbyy FineReader Intenal Page Data
friFractal Explorer IFS Spot
frkFORMIK Data
frmCorel Painter Frame Stack Data
frmEZ-Forms Master Form
frmFractInt Fractal Formula Data
frmMySQL Server Database Format Data
frmxAccountRight Custom Form Data
frodBASE IV Compiled Report
froFractal Explorer Orbita Spot
frpFractal Explorer Palette
frqBibExcel FRQ Data
frqLucene Frequencies File
frqPLINK Basic Allele Frequency Report
frqxPLINK Genotype Count Report
frsFME Feature Store Raster Sidecar File
frsFractal Explorer Spot
fruFreeIPMI FRU Data
frvMicrosoft FRx DrillDown Viewer File
frzMicrosoft FRx DrillDown Viewer Compressed File
frzSnes9x Saved State
fsEdinburgh Instruments FLS1000 Data
fsFormSaver Data
fsRMCProfile Sulphur and Fluorine Data
fsaABI Fragment Analysis Data
fsacFile Search Assistant Data
fsatAutodesk Inventor Stress Analysis FSAT Data
fscCampaign Cartographer Catalog Data
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