Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

folPFS First Choice Database
folderWindows Explorer Folder Data
foliFoliaro Data
folxFolx Download Data
fomEZ-Forms Fill Out Master Form
fonCOREX Manual Broad Phonetic Transcription Data
fopInfoZoom Protected Data
fotInfoZoom Template
fowFamily Origins Database
foxInfoZoom Table
fpCDE Front Panel Data
fpCRiSP Harvest Fishery Policy Data
fp1RPOWER.Gift Cards Data
fp10FileMaker Pro V10 Data
fp3FileMaker Pro V3 Data
fp4FileMaker Pro V4 Data
fp5FileMaker Pro V5 Data
fp6FileMaker Pro V6 Data
fp7FileMaker Pro V7 Data
fpaMakeMusic Finale Performance Assessment
fpbFLAMES Playback File
fpbfMac OS X Finder Burn Folder
fpcMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Catalog File
fpcQuoteWerks Report Template
fpdoclibMicrosoft Frontpage Document Library
fphFisher and Paykel Icon Data
fphomeopMicrosoft Frontpage Home Page Data
fphomepgMicrosoft Frontpage Home Page Data
fphtmlMicrosoft Frontpage HTML Data
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