Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

femAlgor Simulation FEA Model
femFEFLOW Problem Settings Data
femSesam GeniE FEM Data
femSybase PowerDesigner Free Model
fenForsyth–Edwards Notation Data
ferpExtensions Manager Preferences Data
fesTopicscape Fileless Link Export
fetFET Data
fetchmirrorFetch Mirroring Data
fevFLAMES Environment Variables Data
fextExtensions Manager Preferences Data
fe_launchFCS Express Launch Data
ff2FlashFiler 2 Database
ff2Softrans Hello Engines! FF2 Data
ffaMicrosoft Find Fast Status File
ffbeautyFaceFilter Makeover Data
ffblushFaceFilter Blush Data
ffcPhotometrica Flat Field Correction Data
ffcmdFilter Forge Command Data
ffdFlashFiler Database
ffdataAbbyy eFormFiller Data File
ffeAltair FEKO CADFEKO Exported ASCII Fields Data
ffebrowFaceFilter Eye Brow Data
ffeirisFaceFilter Eye Iris Data
ffelashFaceFilter Eye Lash Data
ffelineFaceFilter Eye Line Data
ffeshadowFaceFilter Eye Shadow Data
ffeyeFaceFilter Eye Data
fffPegasus Mail Form Fact Data
fffRISC OS ASCII Text Data
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