Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

dtfLotus Domino Server Temporary Data
dtfSymantec Q&A Database Data
dtfxIBM i Access Data Transfer from IBM i
dthumbAndroid Thumbnail Data
dtlPro/ENGINEER Detail Options Setup Data
dtlWeintek HMI Data Log File
dtmBentley InRoads Digital Terrain Model
dtmSmartWare Appointment Data
dtmTopocad Digital Terrain Model
dtnTunnelCAD Input/Output File
dtoDigital Terrain Elevation Data
dtoDirectory Toolkit Output Data
dtoDitto Exported Data
dtpDMDX Binary DTP Data
dtrDATroniC Data Recording
dtrDiagTransfer Chess Diagram
dtrSwisslog Downtime Analyzer Report
dtsDirectory Toolkit Script
dtsDynatrace AppMon Exported Session Data
dtsTorque 3D Model Data
dtsearchdtSearch Configuration Data
dtsfDynatrace AppMon Stored Session Data
dtswaFantasyDVD Player Platinum Data
dtsxMicrosoft SQL Server Integration Services Package
dttData Transfer To iSeries File
dttxIBM i Access Data Transfer to IBM i
dtwMy Better Desktop Layout
dtxmlAcross DisplayText XML Data
dtyBentley Map Dictionary Data
dtypDTYPE Database
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