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Data File Extensions

maildbMSN Mail Database
maillocMac OS X Finder Mail Internet Location
mailstationeryApple Mail Stationery Data
mailtolocMac OS X Finder Mail Internet Location
mailviewMicrosoft Mail View Data
mainFileMaker Pro Dictionary Data
majCAMduct Job Data
makerAdobe FrameMaker Data
malRSView Machine Edition Alarms Data
mamcAuto Mouse Click Script
mamlMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language Data
mampMAMP Related Data
manAquaCrop Field Management Data
Blaise Manipula Setup Data
Windows Mandatory User Profile Data
manifestSteam Manifest Data
map3Com Network Supervisor Network Map
BrainVoyager QX Map Data
EspressReport Map Data
Hex Workshop Character Map
IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Map Source
Ingres Termcap Mapping Data
Leadwerks Map Data
Map Data
Mapjects Server Webparts Data
Micrografx Picture Publisher Image Map Data
NI REAKTOR Wavetable Data
Offline Explorer Map Data
Poser 3D Map Data
Rigs of Rods Key Assignments Data
TECkit Mapping Table
WAsP Terrain Map
Weather Defender Map Data
map16SNES Map16 Tile Data
mapletMaple Maplet File
maplibMscape Map Data
mapxMapDotNet UX Map File
Mapjects Client Webparts Data
marPegasus Mail Attribute Record Data
marcxmlMARC 21 XML Schema Data
markerMicrosoft Windows 10 System Data
markersBEAGLE Markers Data
marmEPOC Makefile for MARM Platform
marshalMarshal Data Migration Model
masMEGA Alignment Sequence Data
mascotOtaku Mascot Mascot Data
mashJava Mashing Data
maskAdobe SpeedGrade Color Mask
ImageMagick Mask Data
matAltair FEKO Matrix Element Data
Animation Master Material Data
Autodesk 3D Studio Max Material Data
Bryce 3D Material Data
CRiSP Harvest Maturation Data
CX-Supervisor Library Data
Gretl Text Data
Kerkythea Material Data
MODELLER Matrix Data
Ox Matrix Data
PLS-POLE Material Data
Poser 3D Material Data
Pro/ENGINEER Material Properties Data
V-Ray Material Data
Vue Material Data
materialRigs of Rods Texture Reference
mathAnalyticMath Data
matlSonnet Substrate Data
matplotMatplotlib Plot
matteGimp Matte Data
matxeXtendable Wad Editor MATX Data
mauveMauve Alignment Data
maxAction Replay Max Save File
BSL Image Maximum Values Data
maxaMAXA Crypt Mobile Encrypted File
maxcAutodesk 3D Studio MAX Container
maxdPaperPort Annotation Data
maxfrMaxView Web Pointer Data
maxmPaperPort Data
mazdVISE 3D Model
9601 to 9680 of 19535