Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

dpuAdvanced DHTML Popup Package
dpvPrintView RAW Text
dpvSiemens NX Drafting Standard
dpyIR Prognosis Client Display Document
dpzIBM SPSS Deployment Package
dqaDaqarta Data File
dqcCP/M Disk Information Data
dqlDataEase Database
dqrFIU-IND Data Quality Report
drOMA DRM Rights Object XML
dr1Nicolet 5DX Data
dr2Nicolet 5DX Data
dr3Nicolet 5DX Data
dr3dCorelDream 3D Graphics Data
dr4Nicolet 5DX Data
dr5Nicolet 5DX Data
draDragon Recorded Audio
dragEdGCM Data
drbDr. Beam Pro Data
drcAQUA Generic Distance Restraints Counts Data
drcCadence OrCAD Design Rules Check Report
drcDriveCrypt Container
drcOMA DRM Rights Object WebXML
dreDReport Exported Report
drfDr. Frame3D Data
drgAviSys Bird Watcher Database
drgCarlson Survey Drawings Data
drgDesktop Dyno2000 Car Design
driExcellion Drill File
driMicrosoft SQL Server Data Replication Index
3511 to 3540 of 15812