Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

dgscriptDigiGuide Script
dgstOpenSSL Message Digest Data
dgtoolbarDigiGuide Toolbar Data
dgzDega GZipped Saved State Data
dhcdDHCD Computing Application Data
dhgDirect Hit Graphics Engine Output
dhlDeepnet HTTP Server Log
dhsHyperSnap Captured Drawing
dhtGAUSS Engine Data Set Header
dhxDatamine Studio Data
dhyAdobe Bridge Data
diagMicrosoft Windows Troubleshooting Pack Designer Data
dialogUltraEdit Dialog Data
dialogZoom Player Dialog Texts Data
dicMicrosoft Office Custom Dictionary
dicproofMicrosoft Word Dictionary Proofing Data
dictDICT Data File
dictMicrosoft Virtual PC Dictionary Data
dictSpellswell Dictionary
dictSunnysoft InterWrite Dictionary Data
didVerity Server Index Data File
difMAME CHD Diff Data
difOS/2 Warp Display Information
diiAD Summation iBlaze Data
diiTrialDirector Load Data
dilDesignComposer Presentation Input Script
dilWordExpress DIL Data
dimAdobe Dimension Geometry Data
dimDirect Internet Message Encapsulation Data
dimTripleSat DIMAP Data
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