Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

dclDesignComposer Design Command Language File
dclDumpSec Report
dcmDiskCatalogMaker Catalog Data
dcmdDiskCatalogMaker Thumbnail-Enabled Catalog Data
dcmfDiskCatalogMaker Catalog Data
dcnAutodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Depth Slope Definition
dcnVerdiCash Digital Cash Note
dcoverBelight Disc Cover Data
dcpOS/2 Warp Data Codepage
dcpieDocumentsCorePack Import/Export Tool Data
dcpyDisk Copy Data
dcrAdobe Director Shockwave Media Data
dcrAstroVIEW X Data Log
dcsAcaStat Data
dcsAct! Activity Data
dcsQuarkXPress Desktop Color Separation Data
dcsdb23DCS Database
dctAdobe Illustrator Dictionary
dctAutodesk AutoCAD Dictionary Data
dctConcordance Dictionary Database
dctE-Sword v8 Dictionary Data
dct5Microsoft Word 5 for Mac Dictionary Data
dctmpDC++ Partially Downloaded
dctxE-Sword v9 Dictionary Data
dctxMicrosoft Office IME Extended Dictionary Data
dctxcMicrosoft IME Dictionary Compiler File
dcvDriveCrypt Volume
dcwDraft Choice for Windows Drawing
dcyNETSCAN Decay Search Results
ddEverest Data Dictionary
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