Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

dbuClient-Course Manager Database Expansion Update
dbvdBase Database Variable Field
dbwAlfrin Pedigree Database
dbwDataBoss Database
dbwaliOS CalDAV Temporary Sync Data
dbxAlteros 3D Thumbnail Cache
dbxAutodesk AutoCAD Database Extension
dbxMicrosoft Outlook Express Folder Database
dbyDolby CP650 Data
dbzDB Zipper Archive
dcMicrosoft SMS Collection Evaluator Deletion Data
dc4ViaThinkSoft DeCoder 4 File
dcaVisual Basic Active Designer Cache
dcbConcordance Database
dcbDAZ Studio Custom Brick
dcbTrialDirector Concordance Database
dcdDisCryptor Encrypted Database
dceAutodesk AutoCAD DCL Error Log
dceBricsCAD Dialog Error Log
dcextDC++ Extension Plugin
dcfDOpus Command File
dcfOMA DRM Content Format
dcfWordExpress Dictionary Data
dcfWRAP Daily Flows Columnar Data
dchDraft Choice Drawing
dckResolume Deck
dckWarajevo Emulator Data
dclAutodesk AutoCAD Dialog Definition Data
dclBricsCAD Dialog Control Language Data
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