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Data File Extensions

ismESI ITI SimulationX Encrypted Model
ISAM Database
ismlIIS Smooth Streaming Publishing Point Definition
isoCimagraphi ISO CAD Data
Fire Dynamics Simulator Iso-surface Data
InstallShield Uninstall Data
iso-fmrFinger Minutiae Marker Database
isoeISO Builder Data
ispcImage Surfer Pro Collection
ispdShimadzu LabSolutions IR Data
isrInstallShield Uninstall Information
issCaseware IDEA IDEAScript
Inno Setup Script
istIsoStar Library of Intermolecular Interactions Data
MakeIndex Style Index
istgImagine Staging File
istrIsoStar Library of Intermolecular Interactions Data
isuCRiSP Harvest ISU Data
isvIDL iTools Saved State
iswIntuit Statement Writer Data
ZoneAlarm ForceField Data
iswpiTunes iOS Software Update Data
is_Compressed ISP File
it3Internet Timer 3 Log
itaUnreal Engine Italian Language Data
itbiTunes Database
itdIRIT 3D Data
SDL Intermediate Translation Document
itdbiTunes Database
iteiTunes Extras
iteethiClone Teeth Data
itemDM Genie Item Data
itemdata-msWindows 8 Start Screen Item Data
itfeSignal Integrated Trading Data
VTBuilder Intermediate TIN Format Data
ithInTether Receiver Package
ithmbiOS Thumbnail Data
itiInterActual Skin Data
itkInsight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit Data
itlIntelliTipster League Data
ITEM ToolKit Library
iTunes Library File
itldInfoworx Translation Library Database
itlpiTunes LP Album Data
itmDMDX Item Data
iThink Model
itmxiThink Model Data
itnTomTom Route Data
itpBSL Interpolate Data
e-Record Data File
GROMACS Include Topology
Shana Informed Filler Form Template
SVAL Interpolated Data
itpciTunes Podcast Link
itriThink Runtime
itssMicrosoft InfoTech Storage System File
ittIconTweaker Theme
ituSheffield Dictionary Data
itvNostalgia Emulator Intellivision ROM
itwIcetips Wizard Editor Data
InTouch With Database
itxFileNet ITX Form Template
IGOR Pro Text File
ITRANS Multilingual Transliteration Scheme Data
itxibiTunes Dump Data
iucwyUpdate Client Data
iufLandMark Incremental Update File
iuminfoUSA Network Meter file
iumlPlantUML Style Data
iupFritz Update
iutSPaCIoS Tool IUT Definition
iv-vrmlSGI Open Inventor VRML Data
ivciView MediaPro Catalogue
ivdBeyond 20/20 Microdata Dimension Data
Bitdefender Antivirus Incremental Database
ivexWorldviz Vizard Encrypted Scene Data
ivlILOG JViews Map Data
ISIS Volume Output interval Data
ivmAvaya Modular Messaging Voice Message
ivmlINDENICA Variability Modelling Language Data
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