Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

cysClustify Summary File
cysCytoscape Session File
cytCrocodile Technology Simulation Data
cznRMCProfile Carbon Zinc Neighbours Data
czpClozePro Archive
czrEverest Advanced Report
d01MicroSim PCBoard Drill Data
d05MicroSim PCBoard Drill Data
d07DeductionPro 2007 Data
d08DeductionPro 2008 Data
d08MicroSim PCBoard Drill Data
d1Progress OpenEdge Database
d10IRIG 106 Recording Directory Data
d2Progress OpenEdge Database
d2ctDisinfectant for Mac Data
d2eGaussian Two-Electron Integral Derivative File
d2fDvd2Avi D2F Data
d3dGame Maker 3D Data
d3pDigitalPrintLab 3 Data
d3plotOasys D3PLOT Data
d4Titan Showfile
d4bTitan Showfile Backup
d7dDewesoft 7 Data
d7sDewesoft 7 Setup Data
d7tDewesoft 7 Sequence Data
d83GAEB 1990 Data File
da0Windows Registry Database Backup
da1Windows Registry Database Backup
da2HammerTap DeepAnalysis Save
dabOrangeCD Database
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