Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

#vcViewChoice Data
$dbdBASE Temporary Data
$erGroupWise Database
001Raynen-Qili KnitCAD Machine Data
00aBentley GEOPAK Resource Data
00bBentley GEOPAK Resource Data
00bPenSoft Payroll Backup Data
00cBentley GEOPAK Resource Data
00cProfile 2000 Autosave Data
00dBentley GEOPAK Resource Data
00eBentley GEOPAK Resource Data
00fBentley GEOPAK Resource Data
01bPenSoft Payroll Backup Data
06iProSeries Tax Data
07gProSeries Tax Data
07iProSeries Tax Data
09iProSeries Tax Data
09tStudioTax 2009 Income Tax Data
0haMaestro Mama Data
10nvCygwin Terminfo 10nv Data
10rvCygwin Terminfo 10rv Data
10tStudioTax Income Tax Data
113Iomega Backup Data
11tStudioTax Income Tax Data
12134Autodesk AutoCAD Tool Catalog
12da12d Model Archive Data
12daz12d Model Zipped Archive Data
12dxml12d Model XML Data
12oEditPlus Data
13tIntuit ProFile Data
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