Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

#vcViewChoice Data
$dbdBASE Temporary Data
$erGroupWise Database
113Iomega Backup Data
12134Autodesk AutoCAD Tool Catalog
1bk010 Editor Bookmark
1peTurboTax Form
1phTurboTax File
1pif1Password Interchange Format Data
201StarMoney Agent Rollback Data
2dmSMS 2D Mesh Data
2dpGP Workbench 2DRadar Input Parameter File
2dvCadwork Parametric Elements Data
323H.323 IP Telephony Data
356IPC-D-356 Data
3dcCompuTrainer 3D Chart Screen
3dciGO 3D Building Data
3dhSeisWorks Horizontal Time-slice Format File
3dmapCatia 3DMAP File
3dmapMetaio SDK 3D Map
3dr3DMark Results Data
3drepCatia 3D Geometry Data
3dvSeisWorks Vertical Time-slice Format File
3dvs3DViewStation Document
3es3rd Eye Scene Data
3gfBlackVue Dashcam Accelerometer Data
3gt3D Graphic Tools Model
3meTurboTax Form
3mxContextCapture 3D Multiresolution Mesh eXchange Data
3mxbContextCapture Binary 3MX Data
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