Filename Extensions
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Configuration File Extensions

cfGeneral Configuration
cfSendmail M4 Configuration File
cf3PBX ANI-Link Configuration
cf3Source Insight Project Settings Data
cfgGeneral Configuration
cfgMAME Configuration
cfgRMCProfile Configuration Data
cfgZemax Configuration Data
cfgvMC Command Center Settings Data
cfiXilinx iMPACT Configuration
cfpSymantec Client Firewall Policy Data
cfpresetColor Finesse for Adobe After Effects Preset
cfuSymantec Client Firewall Update Policy Data
cgsynCode-Genie Syntax Definition Data
cgvOSLay Parameters Data
chamIRC Chat Settings
chatmIRC Chat Settings
chlWinFast PVR Channel List
cisCheckInbox Settings
ckbBorland C++ Keyboard Mappings Data
cliQIP Contact List Invisible Data
clkWatchGuard System Manager Cloaked Data
clmsClipboard Master Settings Data
clrAutodesk 3D Studio MAX Color Definitions
clrWinBatch Studio Syntax Color Customization
clvQIP Contact List Visible Data
cmCable Modem Configuration
cmateControllerMate Data
cmclcCET Designer Calculation View Settings Data
cmlightCET Designer Light Settings Data
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